Adventure Lab
LifeLab event - Adventure Lab (Peterborough)

Saturday 28 September | 10am – 6pm | Exhibition, drop-in, hands-on, for adults, for kids | All ages | Free

We’re turning Queensgate into a lab for the day! Come and get hands-on with real science with friendly scientists, extract DNA and marvel over microscopic worms. Become a scientist for the day and use real-life lab equipment to explore the cells that make up our bodies.

Venue: Queensgate Shopping Centre

Location: Long Causeway, Peterborough, PE1 1NT

Date: Saturday 28 September

Time: 10am – 6pm

Age: All ages

Event Type: Exhibition, drop-in, hands-on, for adults, for kids

Cost: Free

Booking info: Drop-in

Pop on a lab coat, grab some goggles, and get stuck into some science. Join our LifeLab team as they walk you through some extraordinary experiments. You’ll be able to extract DNA from strawberries and see how easy it is to see the recipe book of life. Grab a microscope and explore the microscopic world of nematode worms. Find out how they’re helping us understand how our brains work and what happens as we get older. We’ll also be looking at the cells that make up the human body and showing how we can grow them in the lab to find out how our bodies develop and function.
Worms are cleverer than you think! Find out how scientists at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology use tiny worms to understand how our brains work and what can go wrong in disease and ageing. Use a microscope to watch our worms wiggle, play our mutant matching game and find out how clever they really are! 
Become a cell scientist: Cells are an incredibly useful tool to use in the lab to help us understand how our bodies work. Have a go at using some of the real lab equipment we use on a day to day basis and learn about how we use cells to model and research disease.

Spot the difference: What can worms tell us about healthy ageing? Get hands-on and explore wriggling worms under the microscope with Babraham Institute scientists. Can you spot the differences between a young and an old worm – do they look different, or behave in different ways? Discover how and why Babraham Institute researchers are using tiny  nematode worms to understand aspects of healthy ageing.

DNA extraction: Roll your sleeves up and get mucky with strawberries. We'll be getting DNA out of strawberries using common things you'll have at home like washing up liquid and salt. You'll be able to see DNA for yourselves and find out how this molecule connects us all from strawberries to school children.