LifeLab Live

Each September, in the two weeks running up to LifeLab, LifeLab Live will be heading out to schools across the region. Our teams will be coming to you to share our science and showcase the surprising scientific careers available right on your doorstep!

We’re eager to visit local schools to talk about what we do, show you some of our research and help you find out more about careers in science, or anything else you’d like to do in an hour at school.

We can bring scientists that work in a wide range of bioscience fields including computer science, genetics, cancer biology, infectious disease (such as bacterial and parasite infections), stem cells, developmental biology, personalised medicine, synthetic biology and more.

So, if you know a state-funded school in North Cambridgeshire or West Norfolk that would like to welcome LifeLab Live, get them to contact us at You could help us to inspire the next generation of scientists to make the discoveries of the future! Booking is now open and we have space for a range of one hour sessions across the two weeks.

Looking to explore a research career?

Check out the videos below to find out what’s its really like to have a career in science.

Cancer biology
Immune diseases
The ageing process
Cell signalling

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