LifeLab Live

LifeLab Live roadshows have been heading out to schools across the region. Our teams shared science insights and showcased the surprising scientific careers available right on your doorstep!

Students met scientists that work in a wide range of bioscience fields including computer science, genetics, cancer biology, infectious disease (such as bacterial and parasite infections), stem cells, developmental biology, personalised medicine, synthetic biology and more.

It is not too late to request a visit! If you would like a school assembly or classroom session email us to check availability.

Read on for details of our exciting Big Bioscience Slam poster competition and our Bioinformatics Blitz challenge. Our collection of short videos also allows you to learn more about different career options in science, directly from our researchers themselves.

The Big Bioscience Slam

Would you like to take part in the Big Bioscience Slam? We are inviting young people across the region and beyond to produce a poster that answers one of five questions set by the LifeLab team. You can enter as an individual or a group of up to 5 people.

  • If you had a DNA sequencer, what would you sequence and why?
  • If you could edit your genome to maintain your health as you age, what specifically would you target and why? And what could be the positive and negative effects of your genome editing?
  • If you could investigate a protein inside a living creature to understand how it works, what protein structure would you solve and why?
  • If you could store any information in a DNA time capsule, what would you like to store on DNA for the future and why?
  • Stem cells have the extraordinary ability to develop into any type of cell in the body and are used in research to study disease. If you could only use stem cells to study one disease, which disease would you chose and why? Given their great potential, should there be any limits on the use of stem cells in research?

The top three entries from each region - Cambridge, Ely and Peterborough, voted for by a panel of judges, will win Amazon vouchers worth £50, £30 or £20. The winning and highly commended posters will be displayed at LifeLab events on 27th and 28th September in Cambridge, Ely and Peterborough.

If you want to take part, download the information pack and email us if you have any questions. The deadline for poster submission is the 20th September.

Bioinformatics Blitz

LifeLab is celebrating its second year by setting schools across the UK a new informatics challenge. Could you and your school be part of one of the biggest bioinformatics activities undertaken by school students? #BioinformaticsBlitz2019 challenges you to use informatics tools to solve a biological conundrum on Friday 27th September.

All you need is a computer, internet access and 30 minutes to complete the task.

If you would like to be part of the Bioinformatics Blitz 2019 then email us with your name, school and contact details and we will send you an instruction pack and more details on how you and your students can participate.

Looking to explore a research career?

Download our ‘Stories from the Lab’ booklet to find out about inspiring people working in the bioscience sector.

Check out the videos below to find out what it’s really like to have a career in science.

Cancer biology
Immune diseases
The ageing process
Cell signalling

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