Science at the Cathedral

LifeLab event - Science at the Cathedral (Ely)

Saturday 28 September | 10am – 4.30pm | Exhibition, drop-in, hands-on, for adults, for kids | All ages | Free

Join us in the LifeLab marquee for an extravaganza of hands-on science fun and thought-provoking displays. Explore the microscopic world around us from tiny machines to mysterious creatures. Programme a robot and have a go at getting DNA from strawberries. Discover the wonderful world of proteins through artworks created by local young people.

Venue: Ely Cathedral

Location: Cross Green (outside Ely Cathedral), Ely, CB7 4DL

Date: Saturday 28 September

Time: 10am – 4.30pm

Age: All ages

Event Type: Exhibition, drop-in, hands-on, for adults, for kids

Cost: Free

Booking info: Drop-in

Join us in our marquee full of a whole host of science fun for all the family!  We’ll have something for everyone with hands-on activities and art displays. Explore the microscopic world around us from tiny machines to mysterious creatures. Programme a robot and have a go at reading DNA with the latest technologies. They’ll also be a display of protein inspired artwork from young people in the region. Through all this we’ll also be highlighting some of the fantastic opportunities bioscience in our county has to offer. So come along and see what science can offer you.

STEM Cell Robots: Stem cells are amazing - they can make all of the cells in the human body! Talk with scientists from the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute and make a playdoh cell to take home, be a scientist for a day and programme small robots to become any cell in your body.

A Recipe for Primordial Life: The origin of life is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in science. Join our scientists who are delving into the primordial soup, building the first biomolecules, and assembling the very first cells in existence.

Just another Day in the Petri Dish: The Petri dish is full of life. Tiny creatures, invisible to the naked eye, are going about their daily routines: competing for food, avoiding hazardous chemicals, moving about in their unique ways and sharing their special powers. Become one of them and experience their world.

Sequencing in a suitcase – LIVE: Find out about the latest advances in DNA sequencing – technology that can read DNA. See DNA sequencing happening in front of your eyes and join us as we think about the big questions - where would you take a portable sequencer? Would you want to have your DNA sequenced? Who should have access to data from our DNA?

Cellular Machines in 3D: A Resolution Revolution in Electron Microscopes: New methods using electron microscopes are enabling scientists to discover new drug targets by allowing them to see incredibly detailed protein structures. But how? Have a go at preparing samples, produce projections of protein structures, and discover how these are reconstructed into 3D images!

Battle of the Cells: Come and see human cheek cells, onion cells and different bacteria under the microscope and talk to our researchers about the different types of cells. Then try and 'beat the bacteria' in our infection card game!

The Cell Escape: Save your Cells: Your body’s cells are threatened; can you get the message through to activate a counter attack? Experience how cells communicate by recreating a signalling pathway that regulates how cells act and react. Enter the Babraham Institute’s pop-up escape room, master laboratory techniques and solve scientific puzzles to untangle the mysteries to help your cells survive.

Exploring the shapes of invisible molecules: The PDBe team at EMBL-EBI host a database that tells researchers what thousands of tiny, otherwise-invisible molecules look like. Discover how we can view these molecules and why this knowledge is vitally important to medical science.

The Secret Life of Plants: Have you ever wondered about what goes on inside a plant? How they grow, communicate, or defend themselves against nibbling bugs? Come and speak with researchers from the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Cambridge and find out how they are unravelling the secret lives of plants.

Taste test: Are you bitter? Find out with our taste test! Hold a strip of paper on your tongue and see what your genes say about you and what can you taste?

The Sugar Cube Challenge: Sugary snacks and drinks are everywhere, but have you ever wondered how much exercise you need to do to burn off the energy in just one sugar cube? Take the Sugar Cube Challenge and see how long it takes you to pedal your way to 10 kcal.

Fortune Telling Molecules: Are the secrets of future health written in the blood?  Molecules found in blood can tell us what people eat and drink, their health, and even their future risk of developing heart disease or diabetes. So pick a card, spin the wheel and see what fate may have in store.

Stories from Science: There isn’t one type of science, or one type of scientist. Visit our engaging family-friendly display and meet the people behind the science. Discover their personal stories, their work, passions and quirks, all told through their own words and images.

DNA extraction: Roll your sleeves up and get mucky with strawberries. We'll be getting DNA out of strawberries using common things you'll have at home like washing up liquid and salt. You'll be able to see DNA for yourselves and find out how this molecule connects us all from strawberries to schoolchildren.