PuntSeq - exploring the microbes in the River Cam

LifeLab event - PuntSeq - exploring the microbes in the River Cam (Cambridge)

Friday 27 September | 7pm – 8pm | Talk | 14+ | Free

Cambridge rowers, swimmers and punters regularly get serious infections from the River Cam's water. The PuntSeq project is identifying the river's microbe residents by analysing DNA collected from the river's water using the Oxford Nanopore MinION. Find out what’s lurking in the water that flows through our city with the scientists behind the project.

Venue: Portland Arms

Location: 129 Chesterton Rd, Cambridge CB4 3BA

Date: Friday 27 September

Time: 7pm – 8pm

Age: 14+

Event Type: Talk

Cost: Free

Booking info: No booking, arrive on time

Year by year, Cambridge rowers, swimmers and punters experience serious infections associated with pathogens from the city's local river, the Cam. Most Cambridge citizens approach the prospect of swimming in the Cam with a healthy dose of scepticism, despite its attractive water scenery for thousands of tourist punters since the early 1900s.

To shed light on the Cam’s microbe residents, the PuntSeq project has collected water samples and used the latest portable and real-time DNA sequencing to study what bacteria live in the river's water.

In our talk, we will share what we did and showcase the smallest DNA sequencer in the world. We will present our results, describing how the bacteria living in the River Cam change with the seasons.