LifeLab event - Kidology (Cambridge)

Friday 28 September | 5pm–6pm | Kidology | For kids (8+)​ | Free

Just what are these kids talking about?! Join our scientist teams as they try to guess the science topic as described by a group of children. Do they know what it is? Does anyone? Relive an 80s gameshow classic with a special science spin.

Venue: Babbage Lecture Theatre

Location: CB2 3QF

Date: Friday 28 September

Time: 5pm–6pm

Age: For kids (8+)​

Event Type: Kidology

Cost: Free

Booking info: Booking required (see link at foot of page)

Come see our modern twist on the 80s gameshow classic – Child’s Play. In the past children have described everyday objects and feelings in the way that only kids can. Now we’ve gathered teams of scientists from different institutes across Cambridge to compete to guess more words or terms a group of kids are describing. They might be able to talk science but can they talk child!

​See if you can work out where the kids are coming from and laugh along at the researchers trying desperately to take home the title of Professor of Kidology!