Café Sci Cambridge – LifeLab Special

LifeLab event - Café Sci Cambridge – LifeLab Special (Cambridge)

Friday 27 September | 7pm – 8.15pm | Talk, panel | 16+ | Free

Join us for a special edition of our lively monthly discussion series. Linking to Jeans for Genes Day, we’ll be joined by local researchers who will share their favourite genes and try to convince you, the audience, that their gene is the best!

Venue: The Espresso Library

Location: 210 East Rd, Cambridge CB1 1BG

Date: Friday 27 September

Time: 7pm – 8.15pm

Age: 16+

Event Type: Talk, panel

Cost: Free

Booking info: No booking, arrive on time

Grab a drink and join us in exploring the huge range of things that genes can do! Genes are the instructions that give people and every living thing our individual characteristics. Some of these are clear to see: we have 2 legs whilst spiders have 8; some of us have blue eyes whilst others brown. However, there are many unseen things controlled by genes. Ever wondered how deep sea fish remain unfrozen even in the coldest waters? What directs the guardians of your brain to fight against disease?  Hear from people working to understand these genes and others like them whilst making your own mind up about which gene would be your favourite! Judge them on their usefulness, how vital they are, or even just their cool factor. There’s no right or wrong answer, this is just a flavour of the mind boggling array of characteristics genes can control.