Adventure Centre

LifeLab event - Adventure Centre (Cambridge)

Saturday 28 September | 10am – 6pm | Exhibition, drop-in, hands-on, talks, for adults, for kids | All ages | Free

Visit the LifeLab discovery playground and enjoy exciting hands-on activities. Discover how gaming helps us explore the brain and test your detective skills to find changes in DNA. Make your own bracelet of genetic code and extract DNA from strawberries. Explore Stories from Science to discover the personalities, work, passions and quirks of the people behind the science.

Venue: Grafton Centre

Location: East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1PS

Date: Saturday 28 September

Time: 10am – 6pm

Age: All ages

Event Type: Exhibition, drop-in, hands-on, talks, for adults, for kids

Cost: Free

Booking info: Drop-in

We’ll be in the Grafton Centre with entertainment for everyone in our science playground. Come along and test your brain, memory and concentration with our brain challenge. See if you can train your brain to improve your attention and memory. Help us to solve the mystery of what causes changes in DNA with our Cancer Detective board game and see if you can get DNA out of strawberries with our mucky lab experiment. We’ll also have craft stalls for you to make your very own bracelet of DNA code which you can wear and take away with you. It’s all fun and free at the Grafton Centre!

Gaming For A Healthy Brain: Are you ready to challenge your brain? Join the NIHR Brain Injury MedTech Co-operative for an exciting experience designed to challenge your memory, concentration and reasoning abilities, and see if it is possible to train your attention and memory. For children and adults.

Cancer Detectives: Things like smoking and UV light can cause changes to DNA, and sometimes these changes can lead to cancer. We’ve found some mysterious changes to DNA and need to trace the culprit. Can you turn detective and help us to find clues to solve the mystery?

Stories from Science: There isn’t one type of science, or one type of scientist. Visit our engaging family-friendly display and meet the people behind the science. Discover their personal stories, their work, passions and quirks, all told through their own words and images.

The Big BioScience Slam Poster Display: Local students have designed and produced  a wonderful selection of creative and inspiring posters to answer a scientific question pitched by the Life Lab team - from "What would they use a DNA sequencer for?" to " What protein from a living creature would you study and why?". Come along and see some of the winning and highly commended posters, and find out what brilliant ideas the young Lifelab scientists have come up with!

DNA extraction: Roll your sleeves up and get mucky with strawberries. We'll be getting DNA out of strawberries using common things you'll have at home like washing up liquid and salt. You'll be able to see DNA for yourselves and find out how this molecule connects us all from strawberries to schoolchildren.

DNA sequence bracelets: Explore the code of life and make your very own DNA bracelet to take away with you. Discover the building blocks of DNA and how they hold the instructions for making all living things on the planet - from butterflies to baking yeast and chimps to children.