Adventure Centre

LifeLab event - Adventure Centre (Cambridge)

Friday 28 September | Noon–6pm | Drop-in, Hands-on | All | Free

We’re creating a science playground for the day in the heart of the Grafton Centre. We’ll be on the upper floor plaza with a range of exciting activities. Discover the science behind health and ageing, try your hand at making a pop-up protein and visit our thought-provoking puppet show.​

Venue: Grafton Centre

Location: East Rd, CB1 1PS

Date: Friday 28 September

Time: Noon–6pm

Age: All

Event Type: Drop-in, Hands-on

Cost: Free

Booking info: No booking required

We’ll be upstairs in the Grafton Centre with lots of entertainment for everyone. Ever wondered what a brainwave really looks like? Come along and see your own and find out what it can tell about your health from looking at it. Whilst you’ve got health in mind, explore what really gets your blood boiling and have a go at our blood pressure games. Once you’ve done that take a seat for a puppet show of the ages! Meet our friendly sock-worms who are helping unpick the mystery of ageing as well as the people work with them. After the show, spring back into action by making your very own pop-up virus. It won’t hurt you but it’s sure to give you a jump whilst you’re competing to get the viral high jump record!