Adventure Arcade

LifeLab event - Adventure Arcade (Cambridge)

Friday 28 September | Noon–6pm | Drop-in, Hands-on | All | Free

We’re turning the Grand Arcade into an adventure zone for the day! Come and explore our pop-up lab outside John Lewis and bump into our buskers throughout the centre. Grapple with gut health and wonder at whipworms as we share some of the most exciting bioscience happening across our region.

Venue: Grand Arcade

Location: St Andrew’s St, CB2 3BJ

Date: Friday 28 September

Time: Noon–6pm

Age: All

Event Type: Drop-in, Hands-on

Cost: Free

Booking info: No booking required

Take a break from shopping to take a look at our art exhibition showcasing how beautiful a different view of the world can be! Enjoy the art before discovering why whipworms have their name and how mini-guts are being used to help reduce the impact of the parasite in tropical countries around the world. Have a go at spotting the difference between boy and girl worms and talk to people who spend every day in this worm’s company.

​It’s not just mini-guts that are used in healthcare research though, we’ve also got mini-brains on display. Find out how you can grow a brain from skin and how this miniaturised model is helping to develop treatments for conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Alongside all that, CRUK will also be bringing their Grand Challenge to the Grand Arcade adding to the great line up of stalls.