LifeLab 2018 – Past Cambridge events

LifeLab offers exciting opportunities for all to explore and have fun, from messy experiments to film screenings and from story-telling to chats about what’s going on in the world. We guarantee there is something for everyone, no matter what you're into!

Below you’ll find some LifeLab events from September 2018. Many more exciting events are planned for 27th & 28th September 2019. Simply click ’read more’ for details of each event, and sign-up to be updated when our 2019 programme is ready. Find out more about events in Ely or Peterborough too.

LifeLab event - Adventure Arcade (Cambridge)

Friday 28 September | Noon–6pm | Drop-in, Hands-on | All | Free

We’re turning the Grand Arcade into an adventure zone for the day! Come and explore our pop-up lab outside John Lewis and bump into our buskers throughout the centre. Grapple with gut health and wonder at whipworms as we share some of the most exciting bioscience happening across our region.

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LifeLab event - Adventure Centre (Cambridge)

Friday 28 September | Noon–6pm | Drop-in, Hands-on | All | Free

We’re creating a science playground for the day in the heart of the Grafton Centre. We’ll be on the upper floor plaza with a range of exciting activities. Discover the science behind health and ageing, try your hand at making a pop-up protein and visit our thought-provoking puppet show.​

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LifeLab event - Experimental Cancer Medicine Demystified (ECMD) (Cambridge)

Friday 28 September | 9.45am – 4.30pm | Hands-on, Talk | All | Free

The Cambridge Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC) is delighted to invite you to our open event for patients, carers, and anyone with an interest in cancer research. There will be hands-on demonstrations, stands including Macmillan and Maggie’s Wallace, as well as talks from researchers, nurses, allied health professionals, and patients.

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LifeLab event - Tell Me A Story (Cambridge)

Friday 28 & Saturday 29 September | Fri 28, 12.30–13.00 / 13.30–14.00 / 14.30–15.00; Sat 29, 11.45–12.15 | Talk | All | Free

Equality is rarely out of the headlines, but impressions can be formed at a young age. Join our story telling with a difference as we inspire youngsters through stories of life and adventure, created with gender equality and social justice in mind.

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LifeLab event - ​LibraryLab (Cambridge)

Friday 28 & Saturday 29 September | Fri 28, 15.30–16.15 (age 3-6) / 16.45–17.30 (age 6-11); Sat 29, 10.30–11.15 (age 6-11) | Hands-on | All | Free

Are you able to unravel some of life’s secrets? Science might have the answers ready! Together with researchers you will delve into the worlds of colour or DNA. Get hands-on with experiments and be transformed into a scientist.

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LifeLab event - Kidology (Cambridge)

Friday 28 September | 5pm–6pm | Kidology | For kids (8+)​ | Free

Just what are these kids talking about?! Join our scientist teams as they try to guess the science topic as described by a group of children. Do they know what it is? Does anyone? Relive an 80s gameshow classic with a special science spin.

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LifeLab event - Culture Crawl (Cambridge)

Friday 28 & Saturday 29 September | Fri 28, 17.00 / 18.30 / 20.00; Sat 29, 10.00 / 11.30 | Walking Tour | All | Free

A fascinating tour of discovery around some of Cambridge’s scientific secrets. We’ll explore hidden sites and stories bridging past and present that have helped build Cambridge’s reputation for discovery and innovation. For anyone interested in the cultural heritage on their doorstep and how to be part of its future.

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LifeLab event - Genomics & Us: The Future Of Genomic Medicine (Cambridge)

Friday 28 September | 6.30pm–8pm | Talk | For adults (16+)​ | Free

Join Ewan Birney, Director of the European Bioinformatics Institute and a panel of leading scientists who will each share two things they believe will be different in society and medicine in the next 10 years as a result of genomics. An audience discussion will follow the panel debate.

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LifeLab event - Bite-size Science: LifeLab Special (Cambridge)

Friday 28 September | 7pm–9.30pm | Talk, Hands-on | For adults (18+)​ | £2

​Meet scientists from across Europe over themed pizza and drinks! From cyber hacking to genetics, food security to vaccination, it’s not just the toppings that will be topical! As well as having a bite of pizza, come and enjoy our variety of bite-sized talks and hands-on activities.

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LifeLab event - MovieLab Friday (Cambridge)

Friday 28 September | 7pm–10pm | Film, Talk | All | £5 (adult), £3 (children & concession)

Is there life on Mars? From 2020 the European Space Agency will be sending ExoMars to find out! Join Abbie Hutty as she discusses her incredible work and the excitement around Europe's first Martian Rover. This will be followed by a showing of the 2015 sci fi hit The Martian.

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LifeLab event - Café Sci Cambridge: LifeLab Special (Cambridge)

Friday 28 September | 7pm–8.15pm | Talk | For adults (16+)​ | Free

Join us for a special edition of our lively monthly discussion series. Linking to Jeans for Genes Day, we’ll be joined by local researchers who will share their favourite genes and try to convince you, the audience, that their gene is the best!

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LifeLab event - The Variables Present: LifeLab Special (Cambridge)

Friday 28 September | 8.30pm–10.30pm | Comedy | For adults (18+)​ | £5

Join our line-up of budding comedians from the world of science and technology, as they take a humorous look at their life in the lab. Hosted by The Variables.

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LifeLab event - MovieLab Saturday (Cambridge)

Saturday 29 September | 10am–noon | Film, Hands-on | All | £5 (adult), £3 (children & concession)​

Watch Zootropolis, the 2016 hit, where animals big and small live the city life together. But how does size relate to DNA and how animals really live? Play your genome right and try other fun activities in the cinema foyer to find out!

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LifeLab event - Quids In! (Cambridge)

Saturday 29 September | 10.30am–5pm | Drop-in, Hands-on, Exhibition | All | £1 / €1

We’re celebrating science across Europe at the Cambridge Science Centre. Gain entry for £1 or €1! The centre’s usual exhibits will be peppered with scientists to chat with as well as a range of extra activities to take part in.

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