What is LifeLab?

LifeLab is coordinated by Wellcome Genome Campus Public Engagement partnering with five Cambridgeshire-based research institutions: The Wellcome Sanger Institute, the Babraham Institute, EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute, the University of Cambridge and the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology.​

​It is one of 55 European Commission funded projects taking place in 2018-​2019 for European Researchers’ Night, a Europe-wide public event dedicated to celebrating popular science and fun learning.

LifeLab gives you a chance to meet investigators and join them in events and activities exploring the latest breakthroughs and discoveries. With family, friends, your school or on your own, become a scientist and participate in research activities - great entertainment is guaranteed!​

​During September 2019 we’ll be visiting schools in North Cambridgeshire and parts of Norfolk with LifeLab Live, events to inspire school children throughout the region to make discoveries about the living world.

Did you know?

European Researchers’ Night takes place in September every year, with around 30 countries and 300 cities getting involved. In 2017, 1.1 million citizens and over 21,000 researchers took part!

LifeLab is organised and supported by: